Welcome to Rayne Automotive

We specialise in the electrical side of camper conversions. We're passionate about making sure that you can enjoy your conversion by making the perfect system to suit; everything from on-grid day vans or off-grid campers to live in. We can design and produce the whole wiring system for you.


About Us

Rayne Automotive Ltd. started out in 2009, founded by father and son team Kevin and James, only back then it was known as K&R Automotive. Since then, it has flourished into Rayne Automotive, still a family run business only now we have more friends and family to help produce our products. With the teams’ background being centred around the electronics & automotive industry as well as production management. It was a natural progression that led the company from its simple beginnings of vehicle diagnostics and repair to a design and product-based business, now recognised nationwide as a quality brand.

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Why Rayne Automotive?

1 Year warranty

A minimum of 1 year warranty on all products

Quality focused

Designed by our NCC and Victron trained team and made to current standards, quality is our primary goal.

Excellent customer service

Customer service is a top priority for us, we always help as much as we can.