Creating a good earthing point

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Once fitted, we know that you don't want the headaches of troubleshooting pesky problems, so we thought we'd be here to give you a little help in getting it right first time.


Today we are going to outline the process of getting the prefect earth, the most important and yet most commonly overlooked part of wiring anything, be it a campervan, house or even a car.  Making the perfect earth is a very simple easy process and is transferable to many different applications.


So, here goes, forming the perfect earth connection;

  1. Select an area that is near the leisure battery and also easy to get to, this allows the prep work to be done well with minimal complications.
  2. Whether using an existing, unused bolt hole in the bodywork or drilling a fresh hole into the metal framework of the van make sure you have the correct bolt to fit either a threaded bolt for existing holes or a self-tapping coach bolt for newly drilled holes.
    Tip; avoid earthing to any components that arent welded into the vehicle, e.g. rock and roll beds or seat bases, as even if your connection is perfect, it's very unlikely that the one between the component and the van is as good.
  3. Next, this is perhaps the most important, and commonly overlooked step; clean the paint from the area around the bolt hole, it is essential to have a completely bare metal area around 25mm (1 inch in diameter) with the bolt hole being the centre point.
  4. Apply a little electrical grease around the hole and into the thread, not only will this improve your contact but it will also prevent the connection from corroding up and causing you problems in the future.
  5. Now you're ready to gather all of your earth eyes. These should be connected with the thickest cabled eyes closest to the van body.

    Tip; if you have more than 3 or 4 eyes, we recommend using more than one earthing point for ease and reliability of fitting.
  6. Get your nice clean, ideally brand new, greased bolt. Apply a suitable serrated washer to prevent the bolt from rattling undone and add your earth eyes to the bolt (each eye with a little electrical grease applied to each side to allow a good connection throughout.)
  7. Finally, do the bolt up to a moderate tightness, overtighening will cause the cables to twist and especially with coach bolts can strip the thread, which will weaken the earthing point.
  8. Now you have a great earth connection and the best chance of hassle free converting.


We hope this has been of help to you and if you have any pointers or questions, why not share them below?

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