Yuasa Low Height 100Ah Wet 12V Leisure Battery 800W/h


Low height and very powerful, this battery is a great solution for getting a powerful battery for under the drivers seat of many vehicles such as a VW T5 or Renault Trafic. 

At least 800W/h of usable power (we're still measuring this so it may well go up) and a 2 year warranty makes this one of the best batteries for camper conversions in SWB or LWB vans.


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The Yuasa battery features recessed terminals to give it it's super low profile. Please be aware though, if you have swivel seats, it's unlikely that this battery will fit under them. Please measure your gap before purchase. 

This battery will also need venting through the round vent holes to the outside. We usually use a vent tube and pop it out through a hole in the floor. 

Brand Yuasa
Product Code L36-EFB
Voltage 12 Volts
Technology EFB
Capacity (C20) 100 Ah
MCA 1050 A
CCA (EN) 850 A
Length 353 mm
Width 175 mm
Height inc. terms 190 mm
NCC Class B