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Our Green Business

Our Green Business

We firmly believe that enjoying the outdoors is one of the greatest pleasures in life. So we want to do as much as we can to preserve it. This section shows what we're doing, trying to do and also a great place for you to voice any ideas or suggestions to help us preserve the outside for everyone. 

  • Trying to reduce our Carbon footprint
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    We're trying to reduce our CO2 output, without impacting how we work or the quality of our products, so we're trying a few new tips and tricks to reduce our footprint. Follow along here to see if any of these ideas can help you. 

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  • CO2 Neutral Delivery Is Here!
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    Like many of you, we hate the thought of damaging the planet and all of it's wonderful wildlife and eco systems. That's why we've switched to using DPD, a courier committed to reducing their CO2 footprint. We are also trying to keep our own, in house CO2 to a minimum, bring out the warm hats and coats and turn the heating down! 

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  • Our new Eco packaging commitment
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    Today more than ever, it's up to each and everyone of us to make sure that we preserve our environment, not just for us to enjoy it. But for future generations too! We are committing to reducing our plastic waste, energy consumption and overall environmental impact. Follow our progress here, on our Instagram (@rayne_automotive) and through the changes of packaging in our products. 

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