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What split charge relay is for me?

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  • split charge
    By : Graham On July 24th 2019

    Got a 2008 VW Crafter on its way. simple question, which split charge would i need before i order a wiring kit. Also with your kit, if i fit a solar panel with a MPPT controller will that be compatible with your kit ?? Cheers Graham

    Replied by : Rayne Admin Hi Graham, Thanks for your comment, with a 2008 model, the best relay would be the voltage sensing split charge relay. It would be fine to add an MPPT solar charge controller onto it too. If you let me know what size panels you're after, I can price what controllers we have to suit. I look forward to hearing from you. James.

  • Split charge relay
    By : Chris On March 24th 2019

    Hi. I’m just wondering which type of split charge system I need to choose with my wiring kit order. I have a 61 plate VW t5. I think it’s the voltage sensing type but just wanted to ask the experts first. Thanks in advance, Chris.

    Replied by : Rayne Admin Hi Chris, Thanks for commenting. For a 2011/12 vehicle I would recommend the voltage sensing split charge kit. That's going to be the best one. I hope this helps and if you have any further queries or questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Kind regards James