About us

Rayne Automotive has always had one simple principle to operate from; the client comes first. This is why we design and tailor products not just for each individual vehicle, but for every customer. We believe that you shouldn’t have to buy “off the shelf” products and then have to modify them to fit your vehicle. So please contact us with your requirements and we will do our very best to make sure you receive exactly what you need, right from great customer service through to a product that exceeds expectations.

Our history;

Rayne Automotive Ltd. started out in 2009, founded by father and son team Kevin and James, only back then it was known as K&R Automotive. Since then, it has flourished into Rayne Automotive, still a family run business only now we have more friends and family to help produce our products. With the teams’ background being centred around the electronics & automotive industry as well as production management. It was a natural progression that led the company from its simple beginnings of vehicle diagnostics and repair to a design and product-based business, now recognised nationwide as a quality brand.

Quickly after beginning, the business soon outgrew its’ first premises, the single garage we used as our workshop to start off with. So the time had come, we carefully cleared a plot and built our new, specifically designed workshop which worked well for us over 2 years. As we served more clients and built up relationships with converters across Europe and even some further afield, we have had to relocate to our current, significantly larger, premises; in which the walls are straining a little bit, packed with products.

Who does what at Rayne Automotive?

The first port of call here at Rayne Automotive is normally James; chances are if you phone up or email us, you will get through to him. James started out as a Bentley and Mercedes auto technician, before heading off to University to study business management, people and marketing.

From here, your order will be passed over to the workshop, for either Richard, Jess, Emma or Taryn, our technicians, to make sure every last piece of the product is exactly right for you and your vehicle. Richard is a former aircooled and early watercooled VW restoration expert, so he knows his stuff. He also doubles as our in-house professional photographer. Emma and Jess are newer members of the team, having been with us for just over a year each. They have been trained up by quality control Kevin or chief technician Richard to make products as good as everyone else. Taryn has been with us over 2 years now and specialises in control panel wiring and mains hook up kits.

After these guys have meticulously crafted and finished your products, it is passed to Kevin, a Marconi trained operative. Kevin is, as he was there, quality control manager, he also doubles as a technician, making sure that you receive your products on time.

As well as our in-house team, we have a carefully selected group of companies who we work closely with to ensure that Rayne Automotive gets your products right, first time and every time.


Rayne Automotive Ltd today?

Having used this mix of background knowledge and our dedication to perfection we have been able to grow quickly into being a well-recognised brand. Attracting customers; both trade and private, from all over the world.

Our commitment to providing our customers with the latest, most convenient and highest quality products, means we are constantly designing and developing new products, kits and equipment for you to use.

What does the future hold for us?

The future for Rayne Automotive shall consist of continuing to design, test, make and supply the highest quality, most convenient electrical products out there. Working with other companies, customers and our eager, skilful, highly trained team we hope to continue expanding the range to a level where we are able to supply a product to meet each and every need.