Smart Battery Monitor Victron BMV-712 System


Quickly monitor battery charger/discharge for great off grid potential.

    • Victron's leading intelligent Bluetooth integrated battery monitoring system.
    • Supplied with all of the required cabling to install into your system. 
    • Displays live charge/discharge rate on screen and via the Victron connect app. 


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BMV 712 Smart battery monitor

Maximise your off-grid potential and keep an eye on your batteries. 

  • Programmable internal relay with visual or audible alarms. 
  • See time until charged/discharged and current charge rates.
  • Can be used to monitor either the battery bank or individual components power consumption.
  • Programming, real-time data and historical display options.


Kit Contents


Within this kit, you will receive;



·           1 x Victron BMV-712 display screen 
·           1 x 10M RJ12 Cable (shunt to display screen)
·           1 x 2M Live battery cable with fuse (leisure battery plus to shunt) 
·           1 x 500A 5mV Shunt with quick connect PCB. 



BMV description


Battery voltage, current, power, ampere-hours consumption and state of charge.

Remaining time at the current rate of discharge.

Programmable visual and audible alarm.

Programmable relay, to turn off noncritical loads or run a generator when needed.

500A shunt and quick connection kit. 

Stores a wide range of historical events, which can be used to evaluate usage patterns and battery health. 

Measures current in 0.01A increments. 

Additional input for second battery, midpoint monitoring or temperature. 

Highly efficient with 0.7Ah/month power consumption. 

Datasheet available in the attachments section.

Fitting manual downloadable from Victron's website. (link below).


Data sheet