C-Line 12V Single Light Switch with wiring loom


12V single light switch.

Complete with 4M fuse box to light switch labelled wiring loom with soldered connectors. 

Mounts using the 2-piece one gang facia (Optional below).

Screw terminals for connecting on the rear.

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C-Line 12V light switch

Add and extra light switch into your camper conversion

Supplied with or without mounting and finishing fascia in silver or gloss black. (Options above)

Product dimensions; Including fascia 78mm (W) x 78mm (H) x 30mm (D)

Fit using the supplied 4M long 0.75mm wiring loom. The cables come terminated with a 6.3mm spade terminal to plug into a your 12V fuse box and a M8 eye terminal for the negative

Add this item to one of our camper conversions to allow your lights to be switched from anywhere in the van. When purchased together , we will make the wiring loom from here to the lights too. 

This product can be used as part of a double or treble fascia set up (see our other items)