Golf Mk1 Uprated Twin Lamp Headlight Loom

VAT included

To fit single light mk1 Golfs that use H4 bulb connectors, this loom is great for brightening up your lights and making your Golf more usable. 

By rerouting the power so it flows directly from the battery, this loom keeps your lights working as original but increases the voltage that reaches the bulbs, brightening your lights.


Vast improvements in safety with brighter lights

Typically a Mk1 golf will have around 9-10V to each headlight; this loom will restore you to battery voltage, 12v. That’s more than a 20% increase in voltage to your lights.

Simple, Fast and Easy 5 Minute installation with just 5 connections, including easy fit male H4 trigger connectors

Fitting instructions and technical support provided.

Covers both full and dipped beam on both sides, only one loom per car required.

Completely plug and play and 100% reversible, reversible at a moment’s notice.

Comes with 2 high quality relays and twin waterproof fuse holders.

All joints are professionally soldered and insulated to ensure durability.

Fits all Mk1/2 golfs with single headlights


Golf Headlight Instructions

Mk1/Mk2 Golf Headlamp loom fitting instructions

Download (528.29k)