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Full electrical camper conversion kit off-grid element, Solar panels


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When you're camping off-grid (i.e. not plugged into the mains) solar panels are a great way to keep the battery topped up, converting the sun's power to charge your leisure batteries, without plugging in or starting the engine. 


To order one of our full wiring kits, please fill out a customer layout form and share it back to us for a bespoke quote


When you first choose to build your campervan it can be overwhelming trying to sort through all of the different ways of doing each individual part. Often people will reach the electrical system and decide that trying to work out what you need, what thickness wires, how many fuse boxes what type of split charger etc. isn't for them. That's why we came up with our full electrical camper conversion kits. We've taken care of all of the boring bits, allowing you to get on with the exciting part of installing the wiring and finishing your van.

Just tell us what you'd like wired in and where and we will make your wiring kit to suit.
Complete with labels around the end of the wires for an easy install.


The kit also benefits from our fitting manual which can be viewed online here.



A complete, expandable tailor-made electrical conversion kit for your camper van. This system covers the solar charging side of things. In the recommended products section below, there is are products for the 12V, 240V and inverters, these will all be integrated and we'll make sure they're compatible before we finish your order. Check out the how-to guide to decide what you might need.



Product description


Each kit is custom made to suit your individual conversion how we normally do this is by one of our layout forms.


Please be sure to leave an email address and a contact number when ordering in case we need to discuss your layout with you.


Cable routings. As we design the wiring looms, these looms will have ample cable to reach each components, allowing for sensible routing, we do take the shortest practical route, which we usually define as around the perimeter of the van at floor level and then up to components, with the exception of light looms which run up into the roof from the switch and then around the roof. If you have a specific cable routing in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. 


We won't plan to run cables under the floor, as we know this is often the first part you will do in the camper and don't want to be held up waiting for wiring to go under the floor.  


With this kit, we aim to supply all of the hardware you will need for the solar panel installation, what isn't supplied, that you will need, would be a sealant to stick down the cable entry gland (such as Sikaflex 252 or 522 with primer and activator) and any mechanical fixings, nuts' bolts, rivets etc for fixing the mounting kits to your roof. 



An efficient, green and durable way to charge your batteries all day, especially when off-grid. 


We are an authorised Victron dealer, we provide tech support and product information on these products directly, and as we design your system we can help you with any questions you may have. 



Component descriptions


All of these components can be swapped out using the menus above. 


Rigid Solar panels

All of these panels come with a 5-year warranty and a 25-year limited performance warranty. We package them without plastic to post them safely to you.  


115W Victron rigid solar panel (part number SPM041151200) dimensions: 1015mm x 668mm x 30mm. Weight: 8Kg. Compatible solar charge controllers: Victron BlueSolar 75/10, Victron SmartSolar 75/10, CTEK D250SE.


175W Victron rigid solar panel (part number SPM041751200) dimensions: 1485mm x 668mm x 30mm. Weight: 11Kg. Compatible solar charge controllers: Victron BlueSolar 75/15, Victron SmartSolar 75/15, CTEK D250SE.


215W Victron rigid solar panel (part number SPM042152400) dimensions: 1580mm x 808mm x 35mm. Weight: 15Kg.Compatible solar charge controllers: Victron BlueSolar 75/15, Victron SmartSolar 75/15.


Flexible solar panel

These panels are made from a thin flexible sheet, (only 3mm thick) so you can have a nice low profile panel that looks great on lower vehicles where the roof is closer to eye height. The panels are designed to be stuck down using a Sikaflex or similar adhesive (not supplied). 

150W flexible solar panel. Dimensions 1205mm x 791mm x 4mm. Weight:4Kg Open circuit voltage 23.2V meaning this panel can now be used with the CTEK controller. (Made from durable ETFE material) 5-year limited warranty.

Compatible solar charge controllers: Victron BlueSolar 75/15, Victron SmartSolar 75/15, CTEK D250SE. 



Solar charge controllers

Most of our solar panels have a choice of 2/3 controllers depending on your budget and requirements. See our how to choose your solar charge controller to see what type you need. 

When you select, Victron BlueSolar or Victron SmartSolar above, we will provide you with the correct size controller for the panel you have selected.


Mounting kits and glands

Made from partially recycled ABS plastic and available in either white or black. These mount kits fit snugly to the frame of the rigid solar panels, and can be screwed, glued or both to the panel and the roof. They raise the panel slightly to allow the air to flow under the panel cooling it for maximum efficiency. 

We provide a 4 piece mount kit for the 115W panel and a 6 piece for the 175W and 215W. 

The cable entry gland provides two waterproof cable glands and a box to sit over the hole you cut for your wires to come through the roof. This should be bonded down. 


The other roof mounting option for rigid panels is Z mounts, we would supply 4 for a 115W panel and 8 for the two larger panels. These are bolted to the roof and to the panel and can add no extra footprint to the panel, so great for maximising space on your roof. 



Additional resources


Here are a few links from our help centre, some of which have been linked above, which will help you with your journey to campervan electrics. 


How to choose your solar charge controller

MPPT yield calculator (by Victron)


Full Electrical Camper Conversion Off-Grid Solar Panel & Wiring kit

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