As a company that is passionate about the outdoors. We are proud to be taking a continuing stance in trying to reduce our footprint on the environment in every way.

It is one of our core principles here at Rayne Automotive Ltd to tread as lightly as possible on the planet we love, the only planet we have got. 

Our goal is to be net carbon positive by 2025.

Below you'll find some details on how we're doing that. 


Reduce - Initially, we took the first steps of cutting all added plastic from our packaging. We are also with our suppliers (or finding new ones) who are working in more environmentally friendly ways to reduce packaging pollution.  

Reuse - We're now using recycled shredded cardboard (which we shred in-house) or reusing some of the packaging that comes to us in deliveries. 

Recycle - Working with Green Recycling, a local waste management company, we're not sending our plastic waste or unusable materials or packaging to landfill. They are all sorted and recycled.


Most of our outbound delivered are grouped into 2 collection days. This means the couriers are doing fewer journeys out to us to pick up, saving fuel in the process. 

We're also DPD where possible as the leading national courier, all of their deliveries are CO2 neutral. They attempt to reduce emissions using technology like the predict features, allowing you to change your delivery day if you're not in, cutting down on wasted journeys. The remainder of their CO2 footprint is then offset. 

You can find out more about our chosen courier's green credentials here


The world of electrical items is a pretty tricky one to go green in, as user safety has to be the first and most important thing, and this often means using materials that will stand the test of time. This doesn't fit too well with bio-degradable eco-materials. However, we are working very hard to try and increase the content of recycled materials that go into our product housings, mountings etc, without compromising on the quality. 

The other thing which makes a big difference is; ensuring that the energy that is put into manufacturing our products (and the CO2 it produces) doesn't go to waste. Using reliable robust components reduces replacements and their relevant negative impacts on the environment. 

We try very hard to make sure your products are perfect and reliable so you don't need to return anything. If you do, all of our returns are sorted and then repaired for re-sale or recycled where possible. Nothing goes in the bin. 


For the last 4 years, we've been offsetting all of our in-house greenhouse gas emissions, which come almost entirely from our electricity bill, but this doesn't tell the whole story of a product made of lots of materials in lots of different places.

As of February 2021, we're very proud to be trialling the option for our customers to offset all of the emissions from the products they purchase from us. This is right from the raw material extraction (copper cables are generally made with virgin copper) through the life of the product, right to the product's end of life recycling. We hope after the initial trial to have this as standard with everything we sell.  

Offsets are done through a mix of re-wilding, tree-planting and renewable energy accredited offset programs. 

We will also soon be publishing the estimated CO2 figures for each product so the customer can make an informed decision based on the environmental impact.