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The Environment

As a company that is passionate about the outdoors. We are proud to be taking a continuing stance in trying to reduce our footprint on the environment in every way.

Facts & Figures

Our Efforts In Numbers


Kw/h of renewable electricity generated in 2021 on-site using solar panels.


Plastic bags saved per year by replacing them with shredded cardboard, this also cuts down our recycling footprint.


Tonnes of CO2 offset so far in 2022, through a mix of reforesting projects and renewable energy projects.


Click the logo above to see our company planting with Treedom. We fully believe in their work promoting the social and economic side of tree planting and maintaining, not just the number of trees. 

We also offset our Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions using the UN carbon offset platform. 

Keep your eyes peeled here for our sustainability report, it's coming soon...
What are our design principles for sustainable business?

Product footprint

Reducing packaging is great, but it's also important what's inside the packaging. 

We're working to improve our electrical systems and products themselves by removing the least sustainable parts and re-designing systems to work without them or by finding a suitable alternative.

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